Who We Are

Our company


the name Nerius comes from the Roman family, which in ancient times owned the Niran territory.

the least populated place of the municipality, but with more singularity and attractiveness. An example is the reserve of Nirano sauces.

We are a group of young people who grew up in these valleys between the cuisine and traditions of Emilia, with a strong desire to make known, export and advertise the delicacies of our territory. The ones we grew up with and the ones we want to grow old with.

our company was born in 2020 with very precise pillars:

  • Top quality products
  • Great customer service


Nerius ' food selection includes authentic foods and drinkers from all Italian regions.

We have agreements with the most prestigious production leaders in our country.

Nerius Line

We have defined a line of Nerius branded products where we think we can take you on a special trip.

Sharing the best products we have, which have given us amazing experiences, surrounded by art and Italian stories.